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I was working for a company, since out of business, that had contracted Doctors Direct Healthcare to do health screenings. I did one in Sept 2009 that showed some higher than should be cholesterol results, nothing worse.

I went back and screened again in Sept 2010, got the results, glanced at them and didn't think any more about them. Lucky for me, Doctors Direct Healthcare mailed a copy of the results to my PA's office. About a month later I went to see my PA for what turned out to be pneumonia. She had just gotten my results and suggested we go over them. I will never forget what she said as she got to the A1C results, "You are diabetic, it says so right here!" I have to tell you that statement rocked my world! Scared me to death! I recall the A1C was an 8.9. She gave me a test kit and instructions on how to treat the diabetes. My cholesterol was also high. At that time I was well over 340 pounds, probably close to 350.

I had not been home long and I got a call out of the blue from Kim Bullard at Doctors Direct wanting to follow up and see if I knew about the high A1C readings as well as the high cholesterol readings. I told her I did and she started telling me things I could do to bring all of it down! She really took a lot of time to help me!
I started watching what I was eating and drinking and went back three months later for a follow up and the A1C was down to 6.1. All of my cholesterol readings were coming down as well!

Over the next year I went down to 270 pounds! Kim was coaching me the entire time. What I liked was that she would ask questions about what I was eating and then would ask if I thought there might be better choices. Then proceed to tell me what those choices should be. She never beat me up and instead used positive reinforcement to keep me on track.
I went to the Doctors Direct Healthcare office in Fayetteville in Sept 2011 and screened again. Most of the readings were at or below where they needed to be!

Unfortunately our company closed their doors, due to the economy, and around Thanksgiving of that year I went off track and over the next year gained 25 pounds back, up to 295. (I did do blood work in April 2012 with good A1C and Cholesterol results. I took a DOT physical in Sept 2012 with the best blood pressure readings I had seen in years, despite the extra weight.)

I made a commitment to myself at the end of the year that I was going back on the program that worked. In three weeks I am down 5 pounds. I called Kim last week and it was as if we picked up where we left off last time!

I cannot say enough good things about Doctors Direct Healthcare and specifically Kim Bullard. I had been over 300 pounds for well over 10 years. I had NEVER had a HDL reading over 40. The last one I had was 45 with little to no cardio exercise! (I do unload two truckloads of furniture a week, however I know that does not count toward cardio!)
 If the company I worked for had not done the health screenings, I have no idea when I would have found out I was diabetic. And I feel that without the coaching I got from Kim, I would have been floundering, not really knowing what to do to get both issues under control!

Thank you wonderful folks so much for all of the help! You have made a difference in my life! (And when I was not doing what I should, the lessons learned at least kept me from gaining more than I did!)
Jack Hart
Hickory, NC

My journey with prostate cancer started in April of 2011. We had our annual Know Your Numbers screening here at PWC. I met with my doctor in June to go over my numbers. He never said anything about my PSA number being a little elevated, so I thought I was good to go.

In July, I received a phone call from Doctors Direct Healthcare wanting to know if my doctor had mentioned anything about my PSA number being elevated. Since he had not, I made an appointment with him to talk about it. He noted that the number was a little higher than it should be, but did not think I should be alarmed. I thought about it for a couple of months and decided to go see a specialist.

In October 2011, I was notified that I had prostate cancer.

If it was not for Doctors Direct Healthcare going over my blood work results and calling me, I may not have learned about my cancer until it was too late. I want to thank Doctors Direct Healthcare for checking up with me and following up on my results. Since having my surgery I have heard from Doctors Direct Healthcare on several occasions to ask how I am doing. I appreciate the care and concern they have shown. By the way, I have a new doctor now.

Delmer Coffman

For Pepsi Bottling Ventures, the Doctors Direct Healthcare  “ Know Your Number” program has been a great success! Tina’s team did an excellent job of communicating and administering the program. With a company focus on consumer-driven healthcare, the “Know Your Number” program has provided a diagnostic profile to our employees so they can see their risk factors and modify their behaviors to lower their chances of future disease. The diagnostic profile provided by Doctors Direct Healthcare  was extremely well received by employees and generated a tremendous amount of conversation and commitment among our employees. I would recommend Doctors Direct and the “Know Your Number” program to any company and their employees. Knowledge is vital and the first step in preventive healthcare.  

DeeAnne Watson,
Compensation and Benefits Manager

At the age of fifty seven, I retired from PWC and six months later had a heart attack while playing golf. One week before the heart attack, I had my yearly physical. My primary doctor told me that everything checked out well and he didn’t want to see me for one year. After the heart attack and leaving the hospital, I started a regular exercise and healthy eating program. I wanted to decrease the likelihood of developing this deadly disease again.
At the age of fifty nine, I was still having yearly physicals by my primary care physician. My health was so good I was doing the treadmill stress test at the level of a thirty five year old male. My primary doctor was telling me to get my PSA checked once a year. He told me that men over fifty face the greatest chance of developing prostate cancer. My doctor ordered blood work and testing, the PSA was one of them and everything was fine.

Four months later it was time for my yearly wellness screening offered by employer PWC. I participated in the screening provided by Doctors Direct healthcare. I received a phone call from Doctors Direct Healthcare telling me to follow up with my physician because my PSA was not normal. At the age of fifty nine,  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, (advanced cancer level 7).

The prostate was removed and the pathology reports say I am cancer free. Now at the age of  sixty two I am learning to live with how it left me. If PWC and Doctors Direct Healthcare had not been there for me, my life might have been cut shorter.  

A simple wellness screening can save your life.

Wayne Parker
Retired PWC Employee

"Know Your Number" was my wake-up call! It has made me more aware of my medical conditions so I now exercise on a regular basis and watch what I eat. Reducing my risk factors is important to me; knowing what they are makes me want to know more about how and what I can do to reduce my risk. 

Peggy Raymes
KYN Participant in the State Health Plan Pilot Program


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