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Wellness & Health Coaching

Our Wellness and Health Coaching Program includes all members and is individualized based on a member's health history, risk factors, and compliance, as identified through the Know Your Number (KYN) risk assessment profile.
Ideally, coaching begins during an on-site screening where DDHC staff initiates face-to-face engagement with the member. This opportunity to drive proactive awareness begins by reviewing the KYN screening tool with the member and collecting biometric data.

The initial encounter impacts the member through identification of those who are “healthy with risk” and also by educating members with pre-existing disease. This approach includes all members and provides the employer with “actionable knowledge” to focus health and wellness in high-impact areas. Through the use of the KYN screening tool, the member will gain awareness of his/her risk for onset of chronic disease and disease complications, thereby allowing the member to work proactively to make lifestyle changes to prevent the onset of disease.

Our approach to health coaching is best described as a holistic, physician-driven method. Our focus is to educate the member about managing his/her lifestyle, particularly that small changes will make a big difference in one's health.  

Our program includes many interactive tools to monitor blood pressure, blood sugars, healthy diet and exercise, along with stress management. These tools provide individual plans for the members. Members will have access to website tools, but we find that the majority of members benefit most from phone calls, mailings, on-site classes and 1:1 coaching sessions.  

Including the physician in our approach is a key component. Additionally, inclusion of incentives for the member who visits with his/her physician annually to review KYN assessment results and designing a physician-directed action plan to better health has been very successful.


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